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Wanted to thank you all for such a fantastic weekend.

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Tribal Team Building

Tribal team building develops great team work amongst participants, while teaching them how to survive in the Wild.

Through survival themed team building challenges, your team will discover how to succeed or indeed survive just as primitive tribes have done for centuries.

Through our experience of teaching bush craft, survival skills and primitive living, we have re-invigorated the typical team building experience into something more meaningful.

If your team is looking to try something that'll open their senses to the world of survival and the art of living in the wild, then this is for you!

Team members partake in a series of survival team challenges which explore key elements of survival, such as finding food and water, animal tracking, building shelters, making fire, nature navigation, rescue scenarios etc.

We tailor the experience so that every team member will enjoy the experience.

If required, we can tailor tribal team building to be extremely challenging.This may appeal more to sports teams or other groups who are interested in testing their limits!

Tribal team building is a great way for group leaders, teachers, managers or directors to bring people together.

Our tribal team building programmes are tailored to the requirements of each group and are a very effective way for people to develop a great bond with other team members while discovering how to succeed as part of a team.


Aims and objectives of Tribal Team Building

  • To develop an increased awareness, respect and appreciation of nature.
  • To learn, have fun, interact and meet challenges.
  • Improved teamwork, morale and understanding of each others strengths.
  • To learn how to survive in the wild.
  • To develop an understanding about how our ancestors  lived and how primitive cultures still live today.


Results from Tribal Team Building

    As a direct result of the tribal team building experience, you will see a posiitive change in your teams behaviour, performance, attitude, approach, thinking mentality, awareness, energy and focus. 

    In the past, peoples attitude towards working together effectively in a tribal setting meant their survival. The success of the tribe was their common goal. 

    With tribal team building, your team will develop a similar attitude to the successs of their team, just as their ancestors did to success or survival of the tribe.

"From start to finish Will's tribal team building day was packed with lots of laughs, competition and overall great memories to take away. The day created an extra bond of comradery amongst the team and consisted of a variety of tasks designed to develop the group members and their ability to work together effectively. The tasks touched on communication, trust, problem solving, planning and achieving goals as a team. The highlights of the day were arrow throwing, blind folded tasks and the constructing of new homes in the woods. Tracton Woods was the ideal setting for such an adventure. To this day we still laugh at our tribal names we took on for our day in the woods. Will created a great sense of motivation in the entire group to compete to win the tasks. Each task played on different types of skills each team member would have had and as a result this created a very rounded experience for all involved. I would not hesitate to recommend this type of team building day out to future colleagues and friends." 

Team Leader, Pfizer Pharmaceutical


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