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The students had a great day in the woods with Will and Away.  

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Seaside Survival Walks

Come on one of our seaside survival walks, where we take you on an adventure exploring the coastline and showing you the resources that are available, should you ever find yourself in a survival situation.




As part of this enjoyable experience you will learn about:

  • Foraging for seafood delicacies and seashore plants
  • What to do for water, fire and shelter
  • Finding useful survival items
  • How to signal for help should you ever find yourself stranded on a remote island


Seaside Survival Walks cost €150 for 1-10 people.

€10 per extra person.

Seaside Survival walks typically take up to 2 hours and are best enjoyed when there's a low tide.

We have a number of suitable locations in the Cork area and beyond.

You also have the option of combing a seaside survival walk with rock climbing, abseiling or watersports activities such as surfing, or kayaking.

Our Seaside Survival Walks are suitable for all ages and abilities and can be tailored to suit any group.

For further information and to enquire about making a booking, just contact us.



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